Homemade Spicy Tortilla Chips

Wondering what to do with some leftover tortillas??  We love to make tortilla chips as a quick and fun snack.  You can make them spicy or sweet.  The spicy recipe is below, but you could do any seasoning you want… like cinnamon and sugar for sweet.  Serve with salsa, fruit or just plain. Enjoy! Print […]

Fish Tacos

I have been wanting to make fish tacos for quite some time now.  Wow were they easy and simple! So simple I didn’t even use a recipe…except for my homemade tortillas.   We had some frozen tilapia that I thawed.  I put 3 fillets in a nonstick skillet with a little olive oil, sprinkled on […]

Step by step: Homemade Tortillas

I have had a few questions about making homemade tortillas….so I though I would do a step by step guide. You will need flour, salt, oil, baking powder and water. Measure all your dry ingredients into a bowl and then add the oil. Using your hands, mix the ingredients together.  It should look crumbly. Add the […]

Homemade Tortillas

I see post all the time showing how people make their own poptarts, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, tortillas, pitas, etc.  I have thought about trying many of the ideas, but always figured the time wasn’t really worth it.  Boy was I wrong.  Homemade tortillas are so easy, simple and totally delicious! There are only […]

Chicken, Mushroom, and Pesto Quesadilla

This is a girly food.  At least at our house.  Den has been gone a lot with interviewing, etc so I have been eating lots of spinach, mushrooms, and sesame noodles.  Chick foods. This was really good.  I layered sliced grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, a few sauteed mushrooms and a thin layer of pesto between two […]

Chicken Tortilla Soup

This soup was really good.  I will definitely be making this again and soon.  We even enjoyed it leftover for several days.  One of my favorite things about the recipe is how the chicken is cooked.  I had never baked chicken and then shredded it…really fast and delicious. Chicken: Drizzle a little olive oil over […]

Sweet Potato Burritos

Have some extra sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving?? The first time mom told me about this recipe I thought “how strange!” Then when she sent us two to try, Den and I were a little unsure, but definitely curious. We took our first bite and mmmm. So good! These are a little unconventional, but well worth […]

Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips

 Mom made this fruit salsa and cinnamon chips for us when we came to visit over the weekend.  It was so good!  We actually had it for breakfast leftover. This would be a perfect dish to serve at a brunch or for an appetizer.  Mom used this chopper to cube all the apples and strawberries, which […]

Chicken Quesadillas

Den has been requesting chicken quesadillas for weeks now.  I kept finding excuses to not make them…I have no idea why now.  They were amazing! I cooked a chicken breast with creole seasoning and a little cumin sprinkled across.  Then we shredded the chicken and filled a tortilla with the chicken and grated cheddar cheese. […]

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