PA School Update: Surgery Rotation

I had my surgery rotation earlier in the year, but I completely forgot to blog about it.  I think surgery is one of those rotations that makes everyone a little nervous and I was no exception. Here is what my surgery rotation consisted of: Wound Clinic.  There are some really severe wounds out there.  The […]

PA School: Geriatrics Rotation

I finished my geriatrics rotation last week.  It was at a nursing home for veterans. The older men were very sweet and open to letting me talk with them and even practice exams skills like the mini-mental status exam (MMSE).  Like every rotation, I was nervous when I started this one, but as usual, by […]

PA School Update: My First Clinical Rotation

I am 4 weeks into my first clinical rotation.  So far so good!  I see a lot of patients everyday and I am learning so much. For those of you who don’t know, I have 1 year of clinical rotations.  A rotation is a 4-5 week block where I am in clinic everyday, as though […]

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