Table for Two: Oven Risotto

I love our crock pot risotto recipe, but I forgot to start it before I left for work the other night.  I still wanted risotto, but I needed it fast and without having to stand at the stove stirring for an hour.  Then I found a recipe for oven risotto!  Brilliant! Below is my recipe, […]

Brown Rice Risotto

I have gotten into a new habit.  Whenever I see a recipe I am interested in, either online or in a magazine, I add it to my pin board on pinterest.  Now I only have to go to one place to see all the recipes I want to try, it takes up no space in […]

Crock Pot Risotto

We got a wine opener for Christmas…and I am so glad we did!  In the past I could never get a bottle open unless Den was home, but now I can do it easily, which is great news for cooking.  I think wine adds a beautiful flavor to certain dishes like this risotto: This risotto […]

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