Table for Two: Oven Risotto

I love our crock pot risotto recipe, but I forgot to start it before I left for work the other night.  I still wanted risotto, but I needed it fast and without having to stand at the stove stirring for an hour.  Then I found a recipe for oven risotto!  Brilliant! Below is my recipe, […]

Beef Bulgogi

On our first date (long story) Dennis invited me to go to International Hour at our university Baptist Student Union.  It was a small group that met on Friday nights to hang out with students from around the world.  We would help them with English and to understand American culture and then they would tell […]

Coconut (aka sticky) Rice

I think I may never be able to go back to eating regular rice.  Coconut rice is so tasty!  And so easy! thai food 1 cup rice1/2 cup coconut milk1 cup water Rinse rice until water runs clear.  Add everything to rice cooker (or pot) and let it cook just like you would regular […]

Beef and Broccoli

This lunch was really good and a special thanks is due to yoshida sauce. Meat, broccoli, yoshida sauce (and onion, it’s hiding).   Stir fry everything together and serve over rice.  Couldn’t get much easier…we did add a little cornstarch to thicken the sauce and of course a little creole seasoning, but that was it!

Chicken and Wild Rice

We really enjoyed this meal. It is earthy and good.  I have had it made with sherry and made with white wine. Both are delicious but each has a different flavor.  This is definitely a recipe we will be making again and again.   Chicken and Wild Riceservings: 3 1/2 cup of carrots, chopped small1 […]

Sweet and Sour (Sesame) Chicken

Den requested Sweet and Sour Chicken this past week.  I was excited to try a new recipe, especially when I found one that tons of food bloggers had reviewed and talked about so positively. Well, they were right the recipe was really good.  However, it tasted like sesame chicken, not sweet and sour.  I don’t […]


I grew up in Louisiana.  This means red beans and rice was served once a week in the school cafeteria.  I can no longer eat any food without spice or seasoning.  This also means my favorite flavor is spicy, hot, burn your mouth good.  I am no longer effected by certain spices, which results in […]

Black Beans and Rice

Not a fan of the picture, but I am a fan of the recipe. I used this recipe from Southern Living:  Black Beans and Rice I only used one can of black beans since it is just Den and me.  I did use a whole can of tomato paste, but halved most everything else.  It […]

I hate lettuce, lettuce wraps

LETTUCE WRAPS! I don’t even like lettuce (honest), but I love lettuce wraps. ?? I don’t know either. We had lettuce wraps for lunch yesterday. We love them. They are healthy, filling and just make you feel good. How does a lettuce wrap work? Well we learned all we know from our Korean friends: 1. […]

Rice and Steak

For lunch yesterday we had rice with steak and green beans, but maybe not in the way you expect. When we both got home I set Den to making rice. When our Korean friends went back home, one of them gave us a rice cooker. Wow, we are so glad that he did. I didn’t […]

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