Carnita Pizza

We made carnita pizza with our leftovers from last week.  This pizza was so good we had it two nights in a row!  No joke.  So glad I have a pizza stone now.  It really makes the crust have a nice crisp. Carnita Pizza 1/2 recipe for homemade pizza dough leftover carnitas (more or less […]

Cooking Tip: Reheating Pizza

I saw this idea for reheating pizza on the America’s Test Kitchen website.  It is one of those ideas that has you wondering why you never thought of it before… Reheating pizza in a skillet.   Put the pizza in a NONSTICK skillet.     Put the lid on and cook for 8 minutes on […]

Kitchen Tip: Using a Silicon Mat to Cook Pizza

I learned a time saving technique this week!  You can use a silpat on a pizza stone! No, it won’t melt.  A silpat is rated up to 480°F. We have gotten to where we love this pizza crust recipe so much that I make several batches and freeze the dough.  On Friday morning I pull a […]

Pizza Stone Disaster

So…I almost smoked us out of the house. Do NOT put olive oil on a pizza stone and then leave it in the preheating oven for 30 minutes. Smoke was billowing out every time I cracked the oven door open…thought I was going to set the fire alarm off in our building… really glad 800 […]

Sausage, Pepper and Onion Pizza

We love this pizza crust recipe…it taste amazing and we always freeze the extra dough.  So convenient!   I pulled the dough out of the freezer on Friday night and Saturday we were ready to throw it on our pizza stone. Den and I have discovered three ingredients that go together perfectly:  sausage + green peppers + onion. […]

Perfect Pan Pizza Dough

When you want to eat something leftover you know it’s good.  This pizza was delicious and I hope it finds itself on our menu again this weekend. For the longest time we have been trying to find a good pizza crust recipe.  I have found two I like, and this one may have just jumped […]

buffalo chicken pizza

A friend had us over for buffalo chicken pizza and I haven’t been able to get the pizza combo out of my head.  I have no idea what recipe he used and the web was lacking in the world of buffalo chicken pizza recipes (there may have been a few hundred, but nothing that looked […]

Fruit Pizza

We made fruit pizza with our blueberries!  It was so yummy!  I recommend eating it within a couple of days…but who wouldn’t eat it in a couple days?? For the crust: 1 small pizza Ingredients 3/4 cup flour, plus extra for rolling 1/2 teaspoon baking powder pinch of salt 1/4 cup butter or margarine, softened […]

Olive oil, Garlic and Rosemary Pizza Dough

We had a bunch of cherry tomatoes this past week, and I wanted to cook them before they went bad.  I haven’t really been in the mood for pasta, so when I saw a magazine with a cherry tomato pizza I was super excited! The crust totally made this pizza.  I liked the crust so […]


I cannot tell you how excited I was for Valentine’s to get here.  Why?  Well, it wasn’t because of all the hearts, flowers and chocolates (although I do love chocolate).  It was because I was planning to make an exciting dinner.  Chicago-style deep dish pizza.  Den is from the Chicago area, so when he first […]

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