Simple Summer Ravioli

This recipe is so simple I almost didn’t share it, but Den was so surprised at how good it was that I decided it was worth blogging.  Plus, with PA school it is back to the basics, and quick and easy meals are our go-to for now.  No more homemade ravioli for me anytime soon. […]

Homemade Ravioli and a Visit Home

I visited my parents last weekend and it was such a fun trip. My mom and I tried out all sorts of new recipes, went shopping, visited my grandparents, enjoyed the sunshine, painted my toenails teal… When we were visiting my grandparents I was able to get a generational hand shot.  I think these are […]

Homemade Ravioli with Sauteed Asparagus & Pecans

  Trying out new recipes is so fun and this one is no exception!  This recipe is also a sneaky way to get some extra veggies in your diet.   We cooked the homemade ravioli from yesterday’s post and served it with a light olive oil sauce that included pecans and asparagus.  Delicious! Print Homemade […]

Step-by-Step Homemade Cheese Ravioli

I’ve been wanting to make ravioli since the day I tried to make my own pasta.  I thought I needed to wait until I had a pasta machine, but I had leftover ricotta from the white lasagna I made last week and didn’t want it to go to waste.  So I experimented, and I am so glad I […]

White Lasagna with Chicken & Spinach

I am a horrible blogger!  I made this dish for small group and forgot to take a picture until only this one small piece was left.  Yikes! I would definitely make this again.  There was not a strong spinach taste, so no fear spinach haters.  Using a whole stick of butter about sent me over […]

Taste like Lasagna Soup

I was craving something different and when I saw this recipe for lasagna soup I knew I had to make it.  I had all the ingredients in my kitchen already…so it was a quick recipe to throw together.  We enjoyed the soup a lot!  I would definitely make it again.  The only thing I would […]

Homemade Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

I decided I wanted to try my hand at homemade pasta.  I still haven’t decided if I love it or not.  It isn’t quite the same as homemade tortillas…where homemade makes no comparison to store bought.  Homemade pasta is almost in a completely different category from boxed pasta.  It is chewier, richer and much more […]

Spinach Pesto

We wanted some pesto for our sandwiches this week, but I didn’t have any basil.  I thought spinach pesto sounded good, so I looked it up and found lots of recipes!  It tasted exactly as I had hoped it would taste.  Spinach Pesto 2 cups of fresh spinach leaves, washed and stemmed 1/2 cup walnuts […]

Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole

This dish was really good.  It tasted similar to chicken noodle soup.  My only change would be to add some milk or less pasta.  Probably less pasta because it makes a LOT.  Definitely enough to feed a small crowd. We also added a little creole seasoning, but that is because I cannot help myself.   Chicken […]

Homemade Alfredo

This was another fun recipe.  Alfredo sauce can be a little heavy on the stomach, but so yummy.  Did I tell you about my new favorite way to make chicken?  I heart baking the chicken and then shredding it. Fettuccine Alfredo 1/2 a box of farfalle pasta or fettuccine 1-2 tbsp of butter 1 tbsp […]

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