PA School: Food Prepping for Your Next Rotation

I get a weekend off in between each rotation and I try to take full advantage of that time.  Besides running errands, I make an effort to do some meal prepping.  One of my favorite things to prep is smoothies: I buy bananas, spinach and strawberries in bulk. I put one banana, two handfuls of […]

PA School Update: OB GYN Rotation

I’ve just completed my obstetrics and gynecology rotation.  It wasn’t at all what I expected.  I enjoy women’s health, but I was surprised at how much I missed the wide variety of diagnoses you see in Family Practice. My days consisted mostly of pelvic exams, or measuring fundal heights and listening to fetal heart sounds with […]

Rotation 5: The Emergency Room

I just spent the last month on rotation in the ER.  I have to admit, it was one of my favorite rotations!  I am located in a smaller town, so I didn’t see many traumas and no gunshot wounds.  However, I did see a lot of patients and the most common complaints included:  gastroenteritis, chest […]

PA School Update: Psych Rotation

I just finished my psych rotation.  I was surprised that most of psychiatry involves medication refills.  As a student I was able to sit and listen to the stories of patients and found them very interesting and sad all at the same time.  The majority of my rotation was at the VA (veteran hospital) and […]

PA School Resources

I just thought I would compile a small list of my favorite books, websites and resources that I have used during PA school.  There are so many, but these were some of my favorites. Textbooks 5 Minute Clinical Consult  (I used this a ton in the beginning and less now…but it was helpful) McCance Pathophysiology […]

PA School Update: My First Clinical Rotation

I am 4 weeks into my first clinical rotation.  So far so good!  I see a lot of patients everyday and I am learning so much. For those of you who don’t know, I have 1 year of clinical rotations.  A rotation is a 4-5 week block where I am in clinic everyday, as though […]

PA School Update

Well, I managed to keep blogging until the last unit of phase 1 (Phase 1 is my first year of  PA school).  I think that is a pretty good accomplishment. For those loyal followers… I should be back to blogging in the next couple of weeks.  As of now I am just studying, studying, studying. […]

Preparing for PA School

I am getting  quite a few emails lately about PA school and unfortunately I am totally behind on all things blog related.  However, I only have 5 weeks left of my didactic year and then I am on to clinicals!  This also means more free time!  Yay! Here is a recent reader question:  “I will […]

PA School vs Medical School

Why did I choose to go to PA school instead of medical school? Great question.  I wrestled with this question for years and I actually applied to medical school initially and was put on the waiting list. As time passed I began to reevaluate the PA school vs medical school question, especially after I started […]

PA School: The Cadaver Lab

  A reader recently asked me about my experience with cadaver dissection…so here we go. For those of you who don’t know, a medical cadaver is a dead human body that has been preserved and donated to a medical school for use in teaching.  Most people who donate their bodies to science allow the school […]

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