The Weight Of Possessions

I just keep thinking about how much stuff we have.  How did we acquire so many clothes and books and kitchen utensils?  Don’t get me wrong…I love stuff, but it can seriously weigh you down. I also keep thinking about how we will eventually be moving.  Who knows when, but we will be moving at some point […]

Life Update Thursday

I’ve noticed a trend on my blog…I seem to write about life, what God is teaching me or other random things that are happening on Thursdays.  Why Thursdays?  I have no idea. Not much is going on in the SneakySpoons household lately, other than freezing temperatures and me getting ridiculously excited about PA school starting […]

Homemade Ravioli and a Visit Home

I visited my parents last weekend and it was such a fun trip. My mom and I tried out all sorts of new recipes, went shopping, visited my grandparents, enjoyed the sunshine, painted my toenails teal… When we were visiting my grandparents I was able to get a generational hand shot.  I think these are […]

Finding Contentment In The Small Things

Our small group leader asked us a question the other night that really got me thinking.  He asked, “what is that “thing” that once you have it, or that goal, that if you reach it you will feel like your life is complete, that you can finally say “now I can start living,” “now I […]

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