A Typical Day In Physician Assistant School

A lot of people seem to wonder what a typical day is like in PA School, so I will try to answer.  My schedule is different every single day, but for the most part: 6:00 am (some days 5:00 am, it depends on how much studying I need to get done): I get dressed, water our plants, […]

A Baby Shower!

One of my best friends is having a baby, and we got to host a shower for her and her hubby last weekend in their new house.  They were so nice to let us invade since they had only been moved in for a week! It was so much fun to catch up with friends […]

PA School Update: unit 2, week 5

This unit has been going by so fast!  We are covering pulmonology (lungs, COPD, asthma), infectious disease (flu, strep, pneumonia) and rheumatology (lupus, arthritis).   Everything is so interesting, but there is so much! I have final exams in 3 weeks.  3 weeks!! One of the interesting things I did this unit was a professional […]

PA School Update

We are finishing up our third week of unit 2!  In our physical exams class we have already learned the skin hair and nails exam, how to listen to the lungs, and how to look and exam inside someone’s ear, nose and throat.  I have to admit the ENT exam made me a little uncomfortable. […]

Shampoo Obsession

I’m becoming like my grandmother.  (in a fun way!) When I was little we lived a few hours away from my grandparents.  We had some fun little traditions when we spent the night.  One of those traditions was picking out which shampoo I wanted to use that night.  My grandmother’s small orange counter had a bunch […]

Money is Funny

I’ve been learning some interesting things lately.  Maybe from all the novels I have been reading, but I realized life is short and I worry about really stupid things sometimes.  Especially money.  I have such a twisted view on spending money at times. Like when we first got married, I cleaned our kitchen floor with […]

PA School Break & White Coat Ceremony

On Saturday we had our white coat ceremony.  The short white coat symbolizes our transition as students into clinicians.  We begin working in our mentor clinics this unit, which is really exciting.  One day a week I will be with a PA in the community. My parents came up for the ceremony. Since I passed […]

PA School Update: Week 1

I can’t believe I just finished my first week in PA school!   I am amazed at how much I have learned already.  I am also amazed at how much fun it is!  I look forward to going to class/tutor group every day. Our schedule is usually 8-4:30, with no lunch break.  I think the […]

Listening to Sermons

When Dennis and I were dating we would get together and listen to Marc Driscoll sermons on the book of Ruth.  I remember them being so good and learning so much!   After having coffee with a friend recently who was listening to Driscoll’s sermon on the book of Esther, I decide to listen to them too. […]

A New Normal

Being married to a hall director is hard.  Really hard. Some days, when all the craziness and drama seems to be never ending I really struggle as a wife.  Recently, I suppose because the semester is nearing the end, our building has been crazy.  Like cray cray.  You just can’t imagine or dream up the […]

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