PA School vs Medical School

Why did I choose to go to PA school instead of medical school? Great question.  I wrestled with this question for years and I actually applied to medical school initially and was put on the waiting list. As time passed I began to reevaluate the PA school vs medical school question, especially after I started […]

PA School: The Cadaver Lab

  A reader recently asked me about my experience with cadaver dissection…so here we go. For those of you who don’t know, a medical cadaver is a dead human body that has been preserved and donated to a medical school for use in teaching.  Most people who donate their bodies to science allow the school […]

A Typical Day In Physician Assistant School

A lot of people seem to wonder what a typical day is like in PA School, so I will try to answer.  My schedule is different every single day, but for the most part: 6:00 am (some days 5:00 am, it depends on how much studying I need to get done): I get dressed, water our plants, […]

PA School Update: Week 8

I finished exams!  And I passed all of them! The hardest exam was our hour long oral examination.  It was so nerve-racking because they could ask you anything and you had to be prepared to answer…for an hour!   So glad that exam is over with.  Only 4 more oral exams to go! My mom […]

Life in PA School: Week 5

 I think this was the  first week that I haven’t posted a recipe or a DIY project in 3 years. I hope you guys enjoy hearing about school instead. This week we started the heart.  Monday night one of my LIs was normal heart sounds and murmurs.  Do you know how hard it is to […]

Life in PA School: Week 2

  The highlight of last week was learning how to do an abdominal exam and seeing our first “patient.” Last Monday we were taught how to do an abdominal exam and then on Thursday we were put into groups of four with a faculty member to practice.  I was a little nervous (mostly because I […]

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