Lessons from Marriage: Date Your Spouse

It’s Valentine’s Day!  And our topic today is very appropriate…Date Night. This is from a date night earlier in the year…we went to a ballet at the university.  It was one of my first ballets, and I am still not so sure if I like them…but we had a great time together. Lesson Number 7: […]

Lessons from Marriage: Finding a New Normal

Lesson Number 6:  Finding a New Normal This is one of those lessons that meant so much to us when we first got married… redefining “normal.” These are really simple ideas, but all of them were things we had to reach an agreement on together.  Even after three years we are still discovering areas that we have […]

Building a Better Marriage: Serving One Another

I am guest posting on A Blossoming Life today!  I was so honored when she asked and a little nervous about what to write.  Amy is such an amazing blogger so go check out her blog and check out my guest post: Building a Better Marriage by Serving One Another.

Lessons from Marriage: Communication

Two weeks until Valentines!  And two weeks until this series on marriage ends.  Any new series you are interested in reading about??  Drop me an email or comment. #5 Communication. Dennis and I discovered the power of communication in a very interesting way when we first got married.  Thanks to our bed for this lesson! […]

Lessons from Marriage: Family Matters

I hope you showed some grace to your spouse this past week.  I thought I would share another lesson I have learned.  Lesson #3:  Family Matters.  Don’t say anything negative about your spouses family. Now of course Dennis and I come from perfect families so we never struggle with this one.  ; ) If someone […]

Lessons From Marriage: Great Expectations

Lesson #3:  Great Expectations There are two weeks every year that are difficult on our marriage.  The first week comes in August and the second week comes in January.  My husband is a hall director, so when the students return to the residence halls in August and January he is working constantly: getting the building […]

Lessons From Marriage: Pre-planning Grace

I told you last week about some of the amazing advice we received from books.  Well this week you get to read about it in action!Lesson #2:  Pre-planning Grace Grace: Disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency; the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful. When Den and I got engaged we […]

Lessons From Marriage: Wise Words

We’ve been enjoying the holidays the last two weeks.  Now I have to get back to work and updating the blog.  There should be some new recipes coming soon!  But today we are doing something a little different:Recently someone asked Dennis and I about our marriage and what advice we would give someone getting married. […]

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