Scrabble Game Night

We love having game nights at our apartment and we decided to have a Scrabble game night this past week.  The game night involved just Den and I, but we had a ton of fun and adding others would have only made it more fun.  We played regular Scrabble, speed Scrabble, and a new version […]

Small Group Meal Ideas

  Our church small group meets once a week and we eat dinner together before Bible study.  Each week we sign up to bring something for the next weeks meal, such as drinks, cups, side dish, dessert, etc.  Well, I am scheduling the meals for the next few weeks to give the girl that normally […]

Dinner and Entertainment

Here is another post where we made a fun dessert to have while we played games.  This time it was just a fun evening for Den and I.  We played Hive, which is a really fun and easy tile game for two players.  You can read more about the game at Den’s blog, Board Games […]

Dinner and Entertainment

My husband loves board games. They are his passion. So…whenever we have friends over we always play games or cards. After being around him you can’t help but enjoy games too. Recently we learned how to play Muggins, which is a domino’s game. This game is easy to learn and play (unlike many of the […]

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