Crockpot Carnitas

We have been eating tacos all week!  We never seem to get tired of them. I decided to try a new carnita recipe.  Actually I created this recipe based off the previous version.  This version is a lot less hands on.  In the morning you throw everything into the crockpot and walk away until dinner […]

Carnita Pizza

We made carnita pizza with our leftovers from last week.  This pizza was so good we had it two nights in a row!  No joke.  So glad I have a pizza stone now.  It really makes the crust have a nice crisp. Carnita Pizza 1/2 recipe for homemade pizza dough leftover carnitas (more or less […]


Mom emailed me a recipe for carnitas a few weeks ago, and it has been on the menu to try ever since.  I had never heard of carnitas before she sent me the recipe.  Carnitas, which literally means “little meat,” are a type of braised pork. Now that I have discovered how amazing carnitas are, the recipe […]

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