Cake-Like Blueberry Muffins

  I’ve been in a major food rut.  It seems like everything I try is boring and plain. With school being so busy, cooking and even eating has felt more like a chore than a pleasure. Lately though, recipes have been turning out much better and I seem to have more inspiration to try new […]

Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins

I have been searching for a good blueberry muffin recipe and these muffins were really good, but still not “the one.”  I like my muffins sweet, almost like cake, and these tasted more like a scone or biscuit with a hidden bite of sweetness when you discovered the cream cheese filling.  Next time I am […]

BLUEberry Muffins

Well, I made blueberry muffins. And then I lost the recipe. I am almost positive I used the recipe from my Cooks Illustrated cookbook, and it seems to be the most popular recipe on the blogging world.  I liked the recipe, but it was not my all time favorite.  These have a very unique taste that some […]

Here Fluffy! Here Fluffy!

Fluffy Pancakes This morning we decide to have brunch. This included bacon, eggs, and fluffy pancakes. All of these items were of great interest. First, Den doesn’t like eggs…so I am not sure why we had eggs. To make it seem more like a brunch?? Second, we had turkey bacon. Yes, turkey bacon. I know, […]

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