About Me


Welcome!  It’s hard to believe I started this blog almost six years ago!  I was newly married, unemployed and needed something to do with my time… so I started blogging.  Life’s crazy adventure has me starting my first job as PA (physician assistant) and waiting to see what God has in store over the next few months.

This by the way is my hubby:

He does a lot of behind the scene work for SneakySpoons.  He is also an award winning board game designer!  Crazy right.  You can check out his games and company over at Bellwether Games.

I love trying out new recipes and reading about thrifty home design and crafts.  I am also loving life as a Physician Assistant.  If you have any great ideas, recipes to try or questions about PA School I would love to hear about them!


Contact Info:  sneakyspoonsblog@gmail.com