PA School: What Should I Major In?


I frequently get asked about what to major in during undergrad. For those of you who are curious, my undergrad was in biochemistry, but any major is fine, as long as you have the prerequisites required for the schools you are applying to for admission.  Each school’s prerequisites are different, but usually you need anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, and/or microbiology.

My classmates had a wide variety of degrees:  Spanish, biological sciences, engineering, exercise physiology, etc.  You could even have an art degree and get accepted as long as you take the prerequisite science courses.

I personally think you should major in what you love and enjoy doing.  PA school is competitive and if you don’t get in at first, you may need to work in a different field for a short time.

Most admission committees are looking for people that stand out, either from shadowing or other life experiences.  If you have a degree in nutrition and discuss how you want to use that to help your patients with diabetes, that is awesome!  Or maybe you have a degree in art and you want to work in psychiatry and use art therapy with patients…that is great too.

There is no magic major.  Do what you love and enjoy, and hopefully that will come across to an admissions committee as a way to diversify their students.

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  1. Really glad you touched on this subject. I’ll be completing my medical assistant program in a few months. I plan on working these next couple of years while I complete my psychology degree before applying to PA School.

Thanks for commenting!!