PA School Update: Surgery Rotation

Surgery Rotation

I had my surgery rotation earlier in the year, but I completely forgot to blog about it.  I think surgery is one of those rotations that makes everyone a little nervous and I was no exception.

Here is what my surgery rotation consisted of:

  1. Wound Clinic.  There are some really severe wounds out there.  The providers main role with this was debridement, or cleaning away all the dead and damaged tissue so the nurse can dress it. Many preceptors have told me it would be worthwhile to go to a wound care conference, so maybe that will be in my future at some point.
  2. Colonoscopy and EGD Clinic.  Sometimes you just gotta look inside.  I saw ulcers, polyps and lots of poop.
  3. Surgery.  I scrubbed in on all the surgeries and was first assist.  This means you do whatever the surgeon tells you to do, such as navigate the camera, hold organs out of the way and assist in whatever way needed.  It is pretty cool, but I did not like standing on my feet for hours at a time.  You definitely need to invest in some good shoes and eat a huge breakfast.  The surgeries I saw most often were: hernia repairs, appendectomy, cholecystectomy, and bowel resections.
  4. Pre/post-operative Visits.  I enjoyed this part of the rotation.  I thought it was fun to remove staples/stitches and the conversations were always interesting.

In addition, my preceptor quizzed me the whole time.  An awesome book to help prepare for questions about surgery is: Surgical Recall.

So, overall it was a pretty intimidating rotation, but I’m really glad to have gone through it and I learned a lot!

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