PA School: Food Prepping for Your Next Rotation

I get a weekend off in between each rotation and I try to take full advantage of that time.  Besides running errands, I make an effort to do some meal prepping.  One of my favorite things to prep is smoothies:


I buy bananas, spinach and strawberries in bulk. I put one banana, two handfuls of spinach and a handful of strawberries in a ziplock bag.  I press flat and place in the freezer.

IMG_1095Then on mornings when I need a quick breakfast I pull out a bag, dump it into the blender, and add:

  1. a scoop of flax seed or protein powder
  2. 1/2 cup of greek yogurt
  3. and some OJ (or water or milk)

I also enjoy freezing these items, especially cookie dough.

In addition to filling the freezer, I plan out my lunches and prep as much of those as I can too.  For example:

IMG_1097I fill containers with pita chips and other containers with hummus.  Then I can just grab what I need in the morning for my lunch that day.


What tips do you have to make meals easier during PA school?


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  1. I’ve found that prepping on Sundays before heading out on rotations has facilitated healthier meals. I grill veggies and meats for composite salads, boil noodles to toss with some peanut dressing and veggies, and make soups or sandwiches with the above items. I’ve been doing it throughout PA1 and now PA2 for my whole family *with kids* and it works. My rotations are far from home, so this is what I’ve had to do when staying in places without kitchens, but with small fridges…lol.

Thanks for commenting!!