Guest Post: DIY Rug Grippers

We have a guest blogger on SneakySpoons today!

Hey everyone! I’m Olivia from DIY Mother! Sara has been kind enough to let me share a DIY decorating tip of mine that I discovered the other day, and I’m so excited about it!

I remember seeing some DIY rug grippers made out of silicone caulk out in the blogosphere a few months ago and thinking, “Wow! That’s clever.” and I pinned it for later.

Later came sooner than I thought. I splurged on a cute 8×10 geometric rug (well under $200!) and didn’t have any room left in my budget to get a huge rug pad. All I had was a rug pad from an old 5×7 and it was making my new fancy rug look funny. It wouldn’t lay flat on the floor, and the ends stuck up like a bad cowlick.

IMG_4113 (1280x854)

See? Annoying. I guess I’m used to putting rugs on carpet, not laminate. I wasn’t happy.

IMG_4126 (1280x853)

I pulled up the old pin and realized two things: I didn’t have silicone sealer and I didn’t have a caulk gun. So much for that useful hack. So I started thinking about what I could put on the bottom of my fancy rug that would stop it from moving, but also wouldn’t damage my precious laminate flooring (LOL).

Moment of clarity: when I saw my RUBBER cement in my craft room. Of course! Rug mats are made of rubber, and that’s why they work so well. I started using the brush and applying a thin coat of rubber cement on the edges of the rug.

IMG_4134 (1280x853)

Then, I got liberal with it and added bigger lines. This seemed to do the trick.

IMG_4143 (853x1280)

The rubber cement dried (none stuck to the floor) and now it provides a good amount of resistance between the floor and the rug. The rug is laying (almost) completely flat. I don’t know if I would use rubber cements on an entire rug, but I think it’s a great, inexpensive hack for smaller rugs.


And here’s how my living room looks now:

IMG_4158 (1280x853)

The rug isn’t totally flat yet, but I give it about a month and it will probably be just fine.

Thanks for sharing Olivia!  If you haven’t already go check out Olivia’s blog: DIY Mother

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