A New Kind of Manicure

gel manicure kit nicole opi

I received money for Christmas and decided to splurge on a gel manicure kit from Sam’s Club.  I had been thinking about buying a shellac manicure kit, but was hesitant due to how expensive they are to buy.  I knew the manicure would lasts for two weeks and being around patients so often I thought it would be a good investment.  This kit from Sams was $50.  I decided after two manicures it paid for itself.

Plus, it was a lot of fun using the kit and the LED light!

gel manicure kit nicole opi

It is really hard to photograph your hands…just so you know.  My pinky did not want to be photographed.

So far the manicure is holding up great.  Mom’s manicure lasted for a week (which for her is a huge success) and so far mine has lasted a week and a half without any chips.

gel manicure kit nicole opi

This picture is terrible, but it is the manicure at one week.  I had also just chopped the tip of my finger off with a tape measure.

Now I am eager to try out some of the other paint colors.

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