PA School Break & White Coat Ceremony

On Saturday we had our white coat ceremony.  The short white coat symbolizes our transition as students into clinicians.  We begin working in our mentor clinics this unit, which is really exciting.  One day a week I will be with a PA in the community.

white coat ceremony

My parents came up for the ceremony.

white coat ceremony

Since I passed all my exams I have a week off.  It is so nice!  I read an entire novel yesterday.


I got to spend some time out on the water kayaking.  So peaceful.


Apparently a cricket wanted to catch a ride across the water too.

IMG_4163I’ve been avoiding studying.  I do have a case to open and close this week at some point.


I’ve also been cleaning and organizing.  Mom bought me some blue mason jars and I love them!  I have no idea what to do with them yet, I just enjoy looking at them.   Any fun ideas, please leave them in the comments below.

freezing chocolate chip cookie dough

Finally, I have been preparing for the next 8 weeks…which includes freezing lots and lots of cookie dough.  🙂

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