Money is Funny

I’ve been learning some interesting things lately.  Maybe from all the novels I have been reading, but I realized life is short and I worry about really stupid things sometimes.  Especially money.  I have such a twisted view on spending money at times.

Like when we first got married, I cleaned our kitchen floor with a sponge for over a year because I was too cheap to buy a mop.  How much does a mop cost??

I did the same thing with our laundry…I didn’t want to pay the $1.25 per load to dry everything so I would hang clothes on every available surface in our apartment.

I still do it today!  I have favorite shirts and dresses that I save for special occasions, but I realized I should just wear them every day.  Clothes don’t last forever and styles change…I should just enjoy them.  If they get stained up or dirty, it’s ok.

I’ve also realized it is the simple things in life that matter.  Like making cookies for friends or inviting a couple over for dinner.  Those are the things that matter and I should be willing to make the effort.  I am so quick to talk myself out of new opportunities for good relationships.  Usually saying I am too busy or too tired.   Or if those excuses fail I complain about having to go to the grocery store.

freezing chocolate chip cookie dough

I have been looking at things all wrong.  So I made two huge batches of cookies and stuck them in our freezer…no more excuses.  I also might buy an ironing board this week.  I’ve been ironing on a teeny tiny one for the last 3.5 years.

It’s like gas prices…we drive half way across town to get gas for 3 cents cheaper, which only amounts to about 36 cents.  Money is a funny thing sometimes…



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