Listening to Sermons

ipod headphones sermons

When Dennis and I were dating we would get together and listen to Marc Driscoll sermons on the book of Ruth.  I remember them being so good and learning so much!


After having coffee with a friend recently who was listening to Driscoll’s sermon on the book of Esther, I decide to listen to them too.  They have been really good!  Sometimes you need a fresh look at a passage of scripture.  Plus, putting in some earbuds and playing a sermon is super easy.  You can do mindless tasks, like cleaning, and reap the benefits of scripture at the same time.


 Are you reading or listening to anything cool right now?

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  1. I LOVE the Ruth series! One of my favorites!
    I also really enjoyed Esther-Driscoll has his faults, but he is a very good storyteller and paints the picture in a way that etches into my mind. I will never think of an “Agagite” in quite the same way 🙂

Thanks for commenting!!