DIY Love Note Book

love note book

This is a project I have been wanting to do for so long!!  It honestly only took about an hour to complete…so I am not sure why I have avoided it for so long.

Over the years Dennis has written me little notes or given me cards, and though I am not sentimental about most notes and cards, the ones from my hubby I always keep.  In the past they get tossed in a box after a few weeks.  I’ve been wanting to put them in a binder/notebook for so long because I knew I would be more likely to read them again if they were easily accessible.

 Since Dennis has been working so much lately and I am about to start school again, I figured now was the time to get this project started.


I emptied out the box and organized all the notes by dates.  I also made chai tea in my awesome fiesta latte mug…it made the project relaxing.


It was fun going through all the cards and letters.  As you can see above and below, the words aren’t the only entertainment.   Den loves to doodle too.  Not sure how some of the envelopes made it through the postal system.




I found this picture in the mix too.  This was our first valentine’s day as a married couple.

love notebook

Here is the completed book.  It is something to cherish for a long time, and that I can keep adding too.  Although pretty soon I might need a second edition!

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  1. sara, this is so cute and so organized! i will have to make one too! 🙂

Thanks for commenting!!