Oven Dish Towels

Hand Towel for Oven Door

We can’t hang dish towels on our cabinets because there is no hardware, so we usually end up hanging the towels on our stove handle.  This works out fine most of the time, but it drives me crazy when I have to get in and out of the oven a lot and the towels wind up on the floor.

I got a pack of white dishtowels at kohls on black friday really cheap.  After months of sitting on my desk, I decided to embellish them and add some snaps to keep them attached to my stove.

towel snap


This was my first time (installing?) adding snaps to fabric.  Reminded me of some old barbie clothes with snaps.


Hand Towel for Oven Door

I also learned how to applique with my sewing machine, which was simple.


towel hearts

 I decided to make another one with buttons and ruffles.


towel ruffle

 Adding a button was a little more complicated, but the sewing machine does most of the work.


hand towel button hole


What projects are you working on?


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  1. Those are pretty nifty ideas for hanging the towels. Somehow mine always end up on the floor. Now I have another way of preventing that. Thanks. I pinned the picture and I am a new follower.

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