Going Camping: Staying in a Cabin Menu

 camping menu

Whenever we go camping (or stay in a cabin) I always get worked up over the menu. Food is a big deal to me, and any vacation isn’t a real vacation unless good food is involved. I thought I would share with you all our last cabin/camping menu. Our cabin had a cooktop and convection microwave oven, so our recipes revolved around those cooking options.


Cabin Camping Menu

Breakfast Options:

• Canned Cinnamon Rolls (can’t get much easier, just make sure you pack a pan and nonstick spray or butter)
• Oatmeal (Mix up before you leave home. We mixed together old fashioned oats, brown sugar, a pinch of salt & cinnamon. Cook in pot with diced apples.)
Sausage Balls (Mix up before you leave, roll into balls, freeze and store in a plastic bag. Then when you arrive you just have to bake them.)


We packed peanut butter and jelly everyday since we knew we would be hiking and eating on the trails. We took sandwich baggies, chips, fruit, trail mix and bottled water.


• Hamburgers (Make the hamburger patties before you leave, season them and freeze them. They will be ready to go by the time you arrive. Remember to bring little packets of condiments, toppings, and buns.)
Chili (I made a pot of chili before we left home. All we had to do was reheat the chili and top it with a little cheese and fritos.)
Chicken Tacos. (I made the chicken before we left and brought chopped cilantro, red onion and queso fresco with us, along with some corn tortillas. This was definitely our favorite meal and super easy. All we had to do was reheat the chicken and warm the tortillas )


Biscuits On a Stick and Honey (Just need a can of biscuits and honey. You roast the biscuits over the fire and fill them with honey.)
• Hot Chocolate (just mix with water and top with a homemade marshmallow!)
• S’mores (We brough graham crackers, chocolate and homemade marshallows.)

You could also do:

• Hotdogs (traditional camping food!)
• Macaroni and Cheese (reheat or the kind from a box)
• Jambalaya (reheat when you arrive)
• Lasagna (assemble before you leave, freeze and bake on arrival. Bring along some garlic bread.)
• Grilled Chicken and Veggies (just bring some grill tongs and seasoning)
Muffins (Bake before you leave and reheat for breakfast.)


Sometimes you just need a little inspiration! I hope this helps!



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  1. These are great ideas! It’s nice to have food options while camping besides peanut butter and jelly!

  2. Katy Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. Now I have some great food options for our week at the cabin. Happy Holidays🎄

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