Lessons from Marriage: Date Your Spouse

It’s Valentine’s Day!  And our topic today is very appropriate…Date Night.

Lessons from Marriage--Date Your Spouse, inexpensive date night ideas
This is from a date night earlier in the year…we went to a ballet at the university.  It was one of my first ballets, and I am still not so sure if I like them…but we had a great time together.

Lesson Number 7:  Date Your Spouse

This one sounds kind of cheesy and silly, but it is important, especially if the two of you haven’t had a lot of quality time together recently.  Just think, when you were dating you would buy him/her little gifts, or write him/her sweet notes, and make plans to go out together.  Well, that shouldn’t stop at the alter!

Date Nights don’t have to be expensive. Here are some fun ideas to date your spouse:

  • Order pizza and rent a movie.  Sometimes I grab my hubs favorite soda, a pizza and a movie on my way home from work.  Everything is less than $10.
  • Buy them a treat!  Dennis has this cereal he loves, but it cost $4 a box!  So sometimes, I break down and buy a box at the grocery store and surprise him.
  • Play a board game.  We are a board game house.  (in case anyone doesn’t know, my hubby is a board game designer.)  So last week I ordered him a new board game.  I thought it was a great investment!  $23 for a game is cheaper than taking us both to the movies, and we can play it again and again.  Plus, we have a couple that we love playing games with, so if they come over for a double date night, it makes the investment even better!
  • Go out to dinner.  I love when I come home from work and Dennis tells me he wants to take me out to dinner at a specific place.  Him naming the place really helps…I can’t explain why.  Him deciding just makes me feel like I am doing him a favor by going, which makes me feel good and it makes me feel less guilty about spending the money.  Strange, but it works.  To make this less expensive look for daily deals or coupons.  Our favorite restaurant almost always has a coupon available online or in the newspaper.
  • Go hiking and pack a lunch.  This one is so fun and you feel like you really accomplished something at the end of the day…exercise, seeing beautiful views, and enjoying some peace and quiet.  And it’s free!  We have had some of the best conversations sitting on the side of a cliff eating a sandwich.  (and sandwiches taste so much better when you are hiking!)
  • Write a sweet note.  When we first got married Dennis wrote me a note everyday and would hide it somewhere in the apartment.  It was always so fun to try and find the note and read what he wrote.  He doesn’t do it quite so often anymore…but he still leaves me notes sometimes, and I always feel loved.  
See, inexpensive and fun!  I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines.  If you aren’t married yet, I bet you have a good friend that would appreciate any of the above too.  ; )
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  1. The Hubby and I got to go out on a date last night (it’s been way too long since the last one). I’m always looking for date night ideas you can do at home since it’s hard to get a babysitter sometimes. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Rum & Pirates! What a fun board game. Totally love it!