Lessons from Marriage: Family Matters

I hope you showed some grace to your spouse this past week.  I thought I would share another lesson I have learned. 

Lesson #3:  Family Matters.  Don’t say anything negative about your spouses family.

Now of course Dennis and I come from perfect families so we never struggle with this one.  ; )

If someone you didn’t know very well said something mean about your family, you would get defensive.  I think that happens in marriage too.  You may be saying something true about your spouse’s family, but that doesn’t make it okay to say aloud and they are likely to become defensive.

I learned quickly that you have to understand why your families are different and embrace those differences.  It really helps you to know your spouse better. The experiences your spouse has had with their family has made them who they are today. Criticizing their upbringing is like criticizing a part of who they are, and it doesn’t really do any good, just causes tension.  We can’t change who our families are, but we can change how we view them, and that makes all the difference in the world.

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