Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers

On a whim I decide to make some flowers from coffee filters.  (Don’t roll your eyes!  At least it is better than the time I tried to make a grocery tote from plastic bags) I am so glad I was bored enough to finally try this idea because I love the flowers!  They were so simple and easy to make.

Coffee Filter Flowers | SneakySpoons

I got an old sifter from my grandmother over Christmas break and I thought it would make a cute thrifty vase.  Eventually I might use it as an actually sifter, but for now it is gracing our table.

Coffee Filter Flowers Step-by-Step Tutorial

1.  Get out 6 coffee filters.  I used the 2-4 cup size, but any size will work.

2.  Place three filters on top of each other.

3.  Fold the three filters in half…

…and then in half again.

4.  Cut scallops along the open edge. Repeat with the next three filters, except cut the scallops further down…to make 3 smaller circles.

5. Unfold and place the three small circles on top of the three large circles.

6. Fold in half and staple on fold.

7.  Grab the inner circle and start fluffing the layer…adding each additional ring until your flower is formed.

8.  Your done!  Attach flower by taping or stapling flower base to to a stem, wreath, etc.

To dye the filters mix a drop of acrylic paint with water.  Dip filters in water mixture and let dry.  I also dyed some of the filters with coffee or a mixture of paint and coffee (gives it a more natural color).

Here is a great website for other ideas and variations.

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  1. OOOH these turned out so pretty…I made some big paper flowers out of tissue paper for table centerpiece but I like the coffee filter ones the best. Come link up to centerpiece Wed. On my blog.

  2. Those are adorable, thanks for sharing that tutorial with us.
    Like the colors you made them too.
    blessings, nellie

  3. These are really lovely! and great tutorial- my tissue paper flowers always look like duds

  4. I am in love with this craft! I want to run out and get coffee filters! {Kureig and all that}
    I found you throw Sew-licious Valentine Hop. You have been Pinned!

  5. Love these! Do you dye the filters BEFORE you make them into flowers or after???

  6. Hi there!

    What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of paper flower crafts! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!


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