Homemade Chapstick & a DIY Party

I went to a DIY party a couple of weekends ago and had so much fun!  I decided to make homemade chapstick and was surprised how simple it was to create.  The hardest part was finding all the ingredients!
The is now my favorite chapstick!  It works so well!!
The recipe is at the bottom.
The other girls decided to make hot cocoa and chai tea mixes for gifts.
There were a couple of really cute dogs at the party too!
They loved playing with each other…
..so much so they had to take some LONG water breaks.  I didn’t think a small dog could hold so much water.
Now for the Chapstick Recipe

Homemade Natural Chapstick

1.5 oz beeswax 
6 vitamin E capsules
2-3 tablespoons of olive oil (2=more rigid, 3=softer)
2-3 teaspoons of coconut oil (I uesd 2 to start)
2-3 teaspoons of cocoa butter (I used 2 to start)
20-25 empty chap stick tubes OR 15 lip balm containers
  1. Boil 1-2 inches of water in a pot.
  2. Combine all of the ingredients in a measuring cup. If your vitamin E is in pill form, create a small hole and squeeze gel out of capsules.
  3. Place measuring cup in mildly boiling water (I had my heat on medium). Please handle with caution as hot oil and water mixing can be very dangerous.
  4. Stir while ingredients melt together into a combined liquid.
  5. Once liquid is melted, poor into a spoon (not the spoon you have been stirring with) and let harden about 1 minute.
  6. Test the consistency of your mixture. Add more solids or liquids as needed. (example: more beeswax firms it up, and olive oil will make it less firm)
  7. Place spoon back in melted mixture to remove test.
  8. Once happy with consistency, carefully pour into tubes or containers. 
To avoid making a mess when filling the chapstick tubes we used one of these:
You can add things like cocoa or essentials oils.  I really like how mine was without those additions.  It had a natural smell that I enjoyed.
Recipe Source: Homemade Natural Chapstick by Rambly Blog
Supply Sources:
I bought my chapstick tubes from: Blue Starlight Enterprises
I bought my beeswax from: Country Soap Shack, although someone else at the party said she used beeswax from the hair department at the grocery store.  It is a combination of beeswax and vaseline, both which are good on lips.
I bought my organic cocoa butter from: Country Soap Shack.
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